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16th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative CareInternacionaisQuinta-feira, 23 maio 2019 8:00Sábado, 25 maio 2019 5:00Descrição

Global Palliative care - shaping the future

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XVI Congresso da Sociedade Espanhola da DorInternacionaisQuarta-feira, 29 maio 2019 8:00Sábado, 01 junho 2019 5:00Descrição Descarregar como ficheiro ICAL
Pain Science in Motion InternacionaisSexta-feira, 31 maio 2019 8:00Domingo, 02 junho 2019 5:00Descrição

Pain Science in Motion is an international and interdisciplinary colloquium on research methods in pain sciences. This is the third edition, which will be held in Savona (Italy), after two successful editions in Brussels and Stockholm.

The focus is on research methods in pain sciences, rather than research findings or (clinical) applications of research findings from pain science. This colloquium will provide a forum for PhD students for sharing ideas, networking, presentation of research findings, and discussion of professional issues relevant to the field of pain science. As a PhD student you will be given a unique opportunity to reflect on the research methods used and to discuss its specific value and opportunities for the field of pain research. The aims of the research colloquium are multifactorial: - to facilitate PhD research in pain sciences; - to stimulate international collaboration among PhD students from various disciplines working in the field of pain; - to provide a platform for PhD students to present their ideas and discuss methodological choices and (early) research findings; - to enable PhD students to learn from established pain researchers in the field (e.g. during their plenary lectures and); - to encourage PhD students to early on in their career argue for the value of their research. We are also very happy to announce our keynote speakers, which are world-leading experts in their field: Professor Deborah Falla, Professor Alberto Gallace, Professor Fabrizio Benedetti, Professor Robert de Bie and dr. Jessica Van Oosterwijck. You will have the opportunity to meet with them during our meet-the-expert sessions. Abstract submission (for oral and poster presentations) is open until November 15th 2018. Early bird registration until March 15th 2019.  

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Workshop Opióides - Populações VulneráveisAPEDSexta-feira, 07 junho 2019 9:00Sexta-feira, 07 junho 2019 3:30Descrição



Workshop Opióides: populações vulneráveis

9:00 - Frailty
Dor e demência
Avaliação da dor
Medicamentos opióides fortes

10:30 - Coffee-Break

11:00 - Pediatria
Avaliação da dor
Medicamentos opióides fortes em Dor Aguda Medicamentos opióides fortes em Dor Crónica

12:30 - Almoço

14:00 – Ana Pedro, Presidente da APED
Entrega prémios revista DOR
Lançamento prémio Jornalismo em Dor
Lançamento do concurso “vou desenhar a minha Dor”

14:30 – Medicamentos opióides fortes em terapêutica de dor crónica e dor irruptiva: - ensino prático de vias transdérmica, sublingual, transmucosa e nasal 

15:30 – Psicopatologia
Medicamentos opióides fortes em pessoas com risco de suicídio
Medicamentos opióides fortes em pessoas com comportamentos aditivos 
Medicamentos opióides fortes na doença psiquiátrica major


Programa Final - PDF

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Encontro Nacional das Unidades de DorAPEDSábado, 08 junho 2019 9:00Sábado, 08 junho 2019 5:00Descrição

Partilha de conhecimentos para a melhoria dos cuidados às pessoas com dor.

Programa Geral

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Pain in Europe XI: 11th Congress of The European Pain Federation (EFIC)InternacionaisQuarta-feira, 04 setembro 201910:30Sábado, 07 setembro 201912:30Descrição

The EFIC or European Pain Federation specialize in pain management and pain research. The EFIC Congress is the Largest European pain congress and shines a light on current and future developments and research in pain medicine. The congresses of the European Pain Federation give access to leading lecturers and a scientific programme consisting of the latest evidence-based and best-practice-based medicine in all relevant disciplines in the field of pain management. The 11th Congress of the European Pain Federation, Pain in Europe XI, will take place in the Spanish town of Valencia, from 4-7 September 2019. This major biennial (every two years) gathering brings together the most recognized experts in the field of pain medicine to exchange knowledge, ideas and the latest advances in the field.

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